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Howard the Duck #1 (2015) Comic Book Review

Howard the Duck #1 (2015)

  The Duck is back!  Yes, Howard the Duck once again hosts his own comic book title from Marvel.  Credit for this goes to Howard’s surprise appearance in the end credit scene of the hit Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. A bit of background is needed.  Basically, Howard is a talking duck from an…

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Howard the Duck #1 Comic Book Video Review

Howard the Duck and Spider-Man

Visit our YouTube channel to see our latest comic book video review.  This time we review the new Howard the Duck #1 comic put out by Marvel.   As publicized on Marvel’s website: Published: March 11, 2015 Rating: Rated T+ Writer: Chip Zdarsky Cover Artist: Joe Quinones HOT off the pages of the … the…

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Emerald City Comic-Con Review and Video

Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Girl Cosplayers

The Emerald City Comic-Con, Seattle’s huge (and getting bigger), comic book and geeky pop culture event of the year, kicked off on Friday, March 27 this year, and it appeared to be much more organized than in past year.   That is due in part to the management of Reedpop, a company that organizes and…

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New Wonder Woman Costume Looks Practical and Desexualizes The Amazon Princess

Wonder Woman New Costume 2015

   Wonder Woman , the Amazon Princess and linchpin of the Justice League is getting a new look for her post-New 52 comic book title. Wonder Woman gets courtesy of David Finch. DC Comics unveiled this new costume via HitFix, as the cover for the post-Convergence return of the Wonder Woman series with June’s #41. Finch’s designs takes the previous…

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Batgirl #41 Joker Cover Controversy Roils DC and the Comics World

Batgirl #41 Cover-Batgirl with Joker

Batgirl #41 Joker Cover Controversy Roils DC and the Comics World   Once again, DC Comics, as a corporate entity, has put its foot into it again.  Similar to the 2014 controversy over the over-sexualization  of a teen-aged female superhero in the Teen Titans series, we now are seeing the fallout over a variant cover…

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Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Video–See It Here!

Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Logo

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Video–See It Here!   The newest, latest trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron is now upon us.   Check out this video of the Avengers from Marvel: In case you have been hanging out in space with the Guardians of the Galaxy, you know, chasing after Thanos or such, you…

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The Superhero Legacy of Irwin Hasen

Wildcat by Hasen

The Superhero Legacy of Irwin Hasen   Irwin Hasen, World War Two veteran and a Golden Age comic book artist whose cover art is well-known to aficionados of 1940s comic books, passed away at the age of 96 in March, 2015. His best know creations include the comic-strip character Dondi, and the pugilistic Wildcat of…

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Fantastic Four #644 Review Podcast

Fantastic Four #644 Cover

 Fantastic Four #644 Review Podcast   Fantastic Four #644 is a great comic book and features a lot of the iconic Fantastic Four villains, allies, characters, and archetypes. This podcast is based on the text article review of Fantastic Four #644, but the audio podcast does include additional background information relative to this comic book…

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Fantastic Four #644 Comic Book Review

Fantastic Four #644 Cover

Fantastic Four #644 Comic Book Review   The Fantastic Four and their allies end up fighting the bad guys in multiple ways and in multiple dimensions as this epic story arc by James Robinson and Leonard Kirk launches itself toward an epic conclusion in Fantastic Four #644. This is the next-to-last issue of the Fantastic…

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Melissa Benoist in the new Supergirl Costume

Melissa Benoist as the new Supergirl

CBS recently released the first pictures of actress Melissa Benoist outfitted in the new Supergirl costume.   The new CBS superhero television show, Supergirl, stars Melissa Benoist (who is best known as Marley Rose in the hit teen comedy Glee) as the last female survivor of the doomed  planet Krypton.   This alien survivor is named Kara…

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