Return of the Living Deadpool #1 Podcast Review

Return of the Living Deadpool -CoverReturn of the Living Deadpool -Cover
Deadpool.  Zombies.  Deadpool and Zombies.  Zombie Deadpools.  Think zombies are bad enough?  How about Zombie Deadpools?  
Return of the Living Deadpool -Cover

Return of the Living Deadpool -Cover

That is the situation in this new, four-issue Deadpool mini-series written by Deadpool writer Cullen Bunn and drawn by new Marvel artist Nicole Virella, which picks up where 2014's Night of the Living Deadpool left off. And that Deadpool mini-series was itself a take-off on the weird and wacky Marvel Zombies phenomenon. If you enjoyed this review, please visit our website at and also subscribe to our podcasts.  

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