Fantastic Four Family Thanksgiving

Superhero Thanksgiving

As millions of Americans sit down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and lots of football, we should all take a moment to be thankful for…SUPERHEROES! Comics and superheroes make our lives so much better.  We sometimes…

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Deadpool to be part of X-Men Universe

In an interview with Comicbook.com, X-Men: Days of Future Past creator Simon Kinberg confirmed the new, much talked-about Deadpool movie, will be housed inside a shared universe with the X-Men movie franchise. According to Kinberg:  “There’s definitely a…


Comic Book Art of Raffaele Marinetti

Raffaele Marinetti Comic and Fantasy Art [xyz-ihs snippet=”imageandtextbanner”] Raffaele Marinetti is an Italian artist who does freelance and commission art work with comic book and fantasy themes.  Below are some examples of his comic book…

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Storm, by Boris Vallejo

Storm, the mutant “weather witch,” and member of the X-Men. Storm, by Boris Vallejo Art by Boris Vallejo. [xyz-ihs snippet=”contentboxtextandimages”]