And the New, Female Thor is…Who?

The New Female Thor The New Female Thor

And the New, Female Thor is...Who?

  With the appearance of the new, Female Thor, whose identity is hidden behind an armored mask, seemingly everyone is asking about her true identity. Thor Odinson (AKA the old, male Thor), decides to make a list of nearly every female hero and human that he knows (once he realizes that the new Thor is a woman he already knows), and seeks out those women to ascertain whether they are truly she. Roz Solomon's name is on that list. After crossing his mother, Sif, and Jane Foster off the list, he is suddenly made aware by his mother, Freyja (in Thor #7) that the new Female Thor is in danger battling the Destroyer (under the control of Odin and his brother, Cul Boreson), and they go about gathering an army. Luckily, Thor has his list of female heroes in hand! Oh, and by the way, the place where the new Female Thor is fighting the Destroyer is at a Roxxon facility. And floating above that facility is...  
Female Thor vs. The Destroyer in Thor #7

Female Thor vs. The Destroyer in Thor #7

Roz Solomon's empty floating SHIELD car. In the concluding panel of Thor #7, we see Odinson, Freyja, and a literal host of female heroes (and at least one actual Asgardian villain) appear to help battle the Destroyer. Absent from this group is Roz Solomon...and that brings up a flashback sequence in the middle of this issue where we see SHIELD Agent Rosalind Solomon in the Blue Area of the Moon, where Thor's mystic hammer Mjolnir had planted itself after deciding (for reasons still unclear) that Thor Odinson was "unworthy" of possessing the hammer.
Roz Solomon with Mjolnir in Thor #7

Roz Solomon with Mjolnir in Thor #7

As of the end of Thor #7 (2015), all signs point to Roz Solomon being the new Female Thor. Time, and perhaps Thor #8, will tell us if she is, indeed, the new Female Thor. As we can see in the Female Thor's thought balloons, she thinks the way a relatively young American would speak. When she speaks, it is in the psuedo-Shakespearean old-style English we hear Thor speak in, but her thoughts give her away. Realistically, even though Thor Odinson is searching among all the women he knows, including Asgardians such as Sif, we, the reader, can surmise that the new hero is an American woman (or at least someone raised as an American). That leaves out female characters such as Sif or Amora (Asgardians), his long-lost sister Angela (raised in the Tenth Realm called Heven), or even some fellow Avengers such as Black Widow or the Scarlet Witch (both born and raised in Europe). That more or less left Jane Foster and Roz Solomon. Thor has previously crossed Jane Foster off of the list, as she seems to be in the final stages of her fight with cancer. That leaves Roz Solomon as our pick for the real identity of the new, Female Thor. Writer Jason Aaron, who is co-creator of both Roz Solomon and the Female Thor (hmmm...) has done an excellent job of guiding the recent tales of multiple Thors for the past year or so. He has led us on a merry chase (our early money was on Jane Foster...Darn!) to figure out who she is, and now, we may finally know. What do YOU think? Please comment below.

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