A Catwoman Christmas Card

Catwoman Christmas CardCatwoman Christmas Card
As we all know, Catwoman (Selina Kyle), is a somewhat troubled soul with the hots for Batman, diamonds, glittery, shiny things, and cats.  She apparently also likes Christmas, as we can see from this cool, glittering Catwoman Christmas card.
Catwoman Christmas Card

Catwoman Christmas Card

How would you like it if Catwoman slinked her way down YOUR chimney on Christmas Eve?[xyz-ihs snippet="contentboxtextandimages"]

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Roger Lee is a life-long comic book and sci-fi aficionado. As such, he fell into the habit of writing about the superheroes and sci-fi scenarios that he reads in the comics and books and sees on screen. Since writings on superheroes need to be shared, he has written for web audiences for years. His writings have appeared on www.comicshistoryguy.com, www.comicbookmovie.com, www.bamsmackpow.com, and now in superheroreviews.com.

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