Comic Book Super-Team Facts: When An X-Men Founder Joined the Avengers

An X-Man Joins the AvengersAn X-Man Joins the Avengers
The Beast is one of the best known characters to long-time readers of Marvel Comics.  His real name is Hank McCoy, and he is a mutant, an original member of the X-Men, and that team's resident scientific genius.  He also has the unique distinction of having been the first member of the X-Men (though not the last), to hop from his mutant-based affiliations to join Earth's Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers.
An X-Man Joins the Avengers

An X-Man Joins the Avengers

After leaving the X-Men (and while their title was effectively on hiatus), he starred in his own series (called Amazing Adventures) until deciding to answer a casting call for a new team. McCoy first applied to join the Avengers in Avengers vol. 1, #137 (1975) when the Avengers put out a call for new members and held tryouts in Shea Stadium, home of the New York Mets baseball team.  He was put on probationary status and adventured with the Avengers for several issues before the team announced their official lineup change.  The Beast became a full member of the Avengers in issue #151 (1976), becoming the first of the X-Men to join the Avengers. The image above is from Avengers #151, where the team announced a new lineup at a press conference at Avengers Mansion and the Beast became an official member of the Avengers.   NOTE: Beast was not, however, the first mutant to join the Avengers...More on that piece of trivia later...'Nuff Said NOTE #2: The Beast has had a few changes in his physical appearance, starting out as a relatively normal-looking white kid with large hands and feet, and eventually ending up (due to some less-than-genius thinking on his part), experimenting on himself, and becoming, literally, a beast-like blue furred creature with pointed ears and an animal-like appearance.  His intellect and unique sense of humor remained the same.   This is part of an occassional series of articles in which we look at unique facts, trends, and news about Marvel's superhero teams, their memberships, lineup changes, and other tidbits of trivia and info.  If you want to stay up to date on this series of articles, as well as get our new comic book reviews delivered right ot your inbox, please sign up for our free newsletter. (see the form below).

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