Comicshistory Review of Emma Frost’s Origin Story

Emma Frost #1 Cover, art by Greg HornEmma Frost #1 Cover, art by Greg Horn

Comicshistory Review of Emma Frost's Origin Story

Emma Frost #1 Cover, art by Greg Horn

Emma Frost #1 Cover, art by Greg Horn

Emma Frost: Higher Learning 1: Growing Pains (August, 2003)

  Most mutants manifest their powers in their teen years, often around the time of puberty.  Emma Frost was no different.  Saddled with the problem of being the daughter of the second richest man in the world, Emma is enrolled at the Show Valley School for Girls, a rich-kid private school in Massachusetts.  Other girls bully her due to her wealth, alleging that her old man's money is the only reason she is in that school.  Her father is a stern, rigid man who demands excellence from his daughter.  He turns down her request to attend a dance, stating that to do so, he had to earn straight "A's" on her report card.  She only had straight "B's" so she is told she cannot go to the dance.  Emma, who has been having headaches and nosebleeds lately, defies her father and goes to the dance. While at the dance, Emma Frost is confronted by the girl who has been bullying her. Suddenly, Emma realizes she can read the girl's mind!  Using the knowledge she has gained of the other girl's family problems, Emma uses that knowledge to verbally retaliate against her tormentor.   Her opponent then assaults Emma, ripping her dress. At home, things only get worse for Emma as her father is mad at her for disobeying him and going to the dance, fighting, and not even winning that fight.  Emma Frost returns to school the next day, but her mind is filled with voices and she passes out.  Emma's mental abilities are beginning to manifest, and she does not yet know how to control them.  All in all, this first issue of Emma Frost's origin story is interesting, though somewhat predictable in that it shows the typical "teen mutant's latent powers mess up her life, school, and family life." We shall see what issue #2 brings for our gal Emma Frost.

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