Continuity Conundrum: Dazzler in Deadpool #29-32

The appearance of Dazzler in Deadpool #29-32 (with a mention in Deadpool #33) presents some a major Continuity Conundrum.

When Deadpool stole a time-travel device from the Fantastic Four in issue #29, he traveled back in time to the 1970s (much mention is made of it being the era of Disco), in order to recruit the younger version of Dazzler (mutant Alison Blaire), to return with him to the future (Deadpool's present), to help him fight the vampire hordes of Dracula.  If you are following the recent Deadpool storyline, you know that Deadpool married Dracula's bride-to-be, Shiklah.  This made Dracula mad, as the Lord of Vampires had hired our Merc with a Mouth to deliver Shiklah from her resting place in the Middle East to Dracula's mansion in New York. These events took place in the Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet mini-series. In Marvel Time (and the recognition that disco died a loooonnnnggg time ago), she has been soft retconned to be a rock singer and pop star.  And she has always been portrayed as a youthful-looking, very attractive blonde. In real time she would be at least in her mid-fifties, if not older.  In Marvel Time, she is maybe in her mid-twenties, maybe younger. None of Dazzler's powers or abilities even hint at immortality or a healing factor that would keep her looking and acting young.
Deadpool and Dazzler in Deadpool #30

Deadpool and Dazzler in Deadpool #30

The problem here is that Deadpool specifically says he is travelling back to the 1970s to recruit a younger version of Dazzler to help him kill vampires.  Her light-projection powers are nasty on vampires. Ok, so Deadpool goes back to the 1970s, and brings her home to 2014.  According to Marvel Time, that should not be possible.  In the Marvel Universe, Dazzler cannot have really been a music star in the 1970, AND a young mutant superhero pop star in 2014.  Marvel screwed up their own continuity and canon! So, did Marvel mess up? Or is this part of some other, wider continuity-changing event (if you follow the Original Sin storyline, that seems like a real possibility).    NOTE: Continuity Conundrum © copyrighted by, 2014

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