Deadpool #27 Review: The World Record Holding Deadpool Cover

Deadpool #27 Cover: The Wedding of DeadpoolDeadpool #27 Cover: The Wedding of Deadpool
Deadpool #27 Cover: The Wedding of Deadpool

Deadpool #27 Cover: The Wedding of Deadpool

Review of Deadpool #27

  Deadpool #27 (the fourth such D-Pool #27 in his history), is an 80+ page behemoth featuring several stories centered around the theme of Deadpool's multiple (at least in his mind), marriages and various romances.  The cover story (and what a cover it is!), is all about his engagement to a mystery bride who seems to truly love our mouthy merc.  The following tales are by a variety of past Deadpool artists and writers, Joe Quesada, Axel Alonso, Scott Koblish, Joe Sabino, Jordie Bellaire, Mike Hawthorne, Gerry Duggan, Fabian Nicieza, Mark Waid, Jimmy Palmiotti, Veronica Gandini, Frank Tieri, Dexter Soy, Gail Simone, Alvin Lee, Daniel Way, Carlo Barberi, and Victor Gischler, to name but a few.  The each weave a tale of Deadpool love and lust across the years, and to the uninitiated 'Pool reader, it is a hodgepodge of strange tales, but to those familiar with our loveable Wade Wilson, it is a nice touch to see him drawn and written by some of his best past creators.   For me, frankly, the best parts were the mammoth double-cover featuring a Guinness World Record Comic Book characters.  In a sense, the wedding story itself was a bit disappointing as most of those 200+ characters do not attend the wedding (or that crazy bachelor party in story #2).  In a sense, it makes sense that they all did not show for the actual wedding.  In real life, I cannot image Odin appearing at Deadpool's wedding.  Loki maybe, but not Odin.   Other tidbits include the origin of Deadpool's chimichanga craze, and the secret appearance of one of Deadpool's true pals.  
Deadpool and one of his "Brides."

Deadpool and one of his "Brides."

Comicshistoryguy's Recommendation:  If you like Deadpool already, and have an understanding of his special insanity, then this book is a treat.  If you are a middling fan, or are unfamiliar with the Regeneratin' Degenerate, then pass on this and pick up some back issues to learn more first.   Below are some links to other reviews of Deapool #27...           Comics Bulletin Deadpool #27 Review--Reviews all of the stories in the book.  Contains a lot of detail and spoilers. Comics Vine Deadpool #27 --Give the Good, the Bad, and The Verdict on this issue.   Comic Book Therapy-Review: Deadpool #27--Middle of the road review written by a Deadpool fan. Critical of the $10 price tag. Shadowhawk's Shade--Deadpool #27 Review--This review is by a blogger with no real prior knowledge of Deadpool and no real appreciation of what Deadpool is or why he talks and acts the way that he does.  He does not even understand the parody of the line "The Most Important Issue #27 In The History of Comics."  Why did this guy even write this review? b

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