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Deadpool Kills Mario LopezDeadpool Kills Mario Lopez
Deadpool as a PG-13 movie?  Perish the thought.  As Fox Studios teased what rating the new Deadpool movie would be saddled with, all signs pointed towards a more "family friendly" film starring our murderous Merc with a Mouth.  True fans of our man Deadpool were aghast with worry that Fox would ruin Deadpool with a watered down version of the insanely funny (but wholly inappropriate) Marvel comic book character. As any true believer is aware, Deadpool (played superbly by Ryan Reynolds), suffered through his big screen debut in the 2009 film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. While that movie was really about Wolverine, it also featured the first cinematic appearances of several other Marvel villains, heroes, and anti-heroes, including Blob, Gambit, Kestrel, and Deadpool.  The only real problem, was that the version of Deadpool in this movie had his lips and mouth removed (thus, no insane patter as he fought), and had multiple powers stolen from other mutants that are not part of the Deadpool comic-book canon.  Fans took great umbrage at this poor portrayal of Wade Wilson, and, in recent months, a groundswell of desire for  a properly done Deadpool movie arose.
Deadpool Bear Rug Photo-1st Photo of Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool Costume

Deadpool Bear Rug Photo-1st Photo of Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool Costume

After much teasing by Fox studios, the announcement that a Deadpool film would be made, with Ryan Reynolds again playing Wade Wilson, went public and the 'Pool fans rejoiced.   Then, Fox again teased the fans, hinting that the film would carry a PG-13 rating.  Ugh.  That would be the kiss of death for a movie about a murdering (though in a nice way!) insane mercenary.  Finally, in the early Spring of 2015, coincidentally enough, on April Fool's Day, there appeared on YouTube a short video showing news show host Mario Lopez interviewing Ryan Reynolds, with the "news" that the Deadpool film would be PG-13.  As the video wound down, we see a red and black figure with matching katanas on his back show up have to see the video for yourself.   Needless to say, Deadpool will be a rated-R movie.  See the Deadpool news video below:        

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