Death of Wolverine: Logan Legacy #4 Review

Death of Wolverine: Logan Legacy #4 CoverDeath of Wolverine: Logan Legacy #4 Cover
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Death of Wolverine: Logan Legacy #4 Cover

Death of Wolverine: Logan Legacy #4 Cover

In this comic book, Lady Deathstrike seeks a balance between her frustrated desire to kill Wolverine, and her need to honor him as a worthy foe. As most comic fans know by now, Logan (AKA The Wolverine), died at the end of Death of Wolverine #4 a few weeks ago, and several Marvel Comics titles are working overtime to show how his death affects the Marvel Universe as a whole. In this comic, Lady Deathstrike ends up killing several Yakuza while recovering an item of importance to Wolverine.   Written by Marguerite Bennett, the dialogue and exposition, is well done,  as a lot of the text is from Yuriko's thoughts.  The colors, inks, and pencils are all by Juan Doe.  His work gave the art a surrealistic feel that hearkens to a cross between Japanimation and sort-of manga-like feel, it is also unique unto itself.  For this comic, and this lead character, the art works.  Not sure if this style would work for say, a Cyclops book or a Captain America comic. This book is rather bloody, as one would expect from a mutant villainess whose primary weapons are adamantium claws that stretch out (through the miracle of nanite technology), to become piercing weapons that can extend to fearsome lengths. While not a particular fan of Lady Deathstrike, this comic does relate back to the entire run of the Logan Legacy mini-series, and of course, fills out the "what happens now that Logan is dead" storylines we now see running rampant throughout the extended Marvel Universe. One thing about Wolverine's death though, is that, being one of the central characters in the current Marvel Universe, his life and his death did touch on many Marvel characters, both the heroes and the villains.  We shall see what happens in the next issue of Logan Legacy!

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