Emerald City Comic-Con Review and Video

Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Girl CosplayersSuperior Spider-Man and Spider-Girl Cosplayers
The Emerald City Comic-Con, Seattle's huge (and getting bigger), comic book and geeky pop culture event of the year, kicked off on Friday, March 27 this year, and it appeared to be much more organized than in past year.   That is due in part to the management of Reedpop, a company that organizes and promotes these types of comic-con events.  As in the past, the Emerald City Comic-Con, or ECCC for short, was held in the gigantic Washington State Convention Center in the middle of downtown Seattle. Inside the ECCC, we found many cosplayers mingled among the other fans, along with seemingly thousands of lime-green clad ECCC Minions who help direct  fans around as well as fend off those self-same fans from bugging the celebrity guests. Of course, what is any comic-con without cosplayers?  Here is a pair of Spiders, one a male Superior Spider-Man, and the other a female Spidey.
Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Girl Cosplayers

Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Girl Cosplayers

Among the multitude of pop culture celebrities at Emerald City were Marina Sirtis of Star Trek: The Next Generation (and still looking fine, in this reviewer's male opinion), along with Anthony Daniels, who is reprising his role as C3PO in the upcoming Star Wars film.  Two of the hottest new female stars at Emerald City were a pair of Marvel film and TV actresses who are clearly fan favorites.  Chloe Bennet, who plays the newly super-powered Inhuman named Skye on the great Marvel show Agents of SHIELD was giving autographs and speaking on stage in the huge panel hall reserved for the mega stars.  Also a huge fan favorite was Hayley Atwell, the British bombshell star of the Captain America movies and her own Marvel TV show, Agent Carter.  She seemed shorter in person than one would expect, but she is clearly a favorite of many female cosplayers.  Women walking around dressed in the now-famous red hat and blue dress affected by Peggy Carter on the shoe predominated among female cosplayers.  Only the Scarlet Johanssen version of Black Widow even came close to matching the number of Peggy Carters walking around Seattle. If you want to see for yourself what the ECCC looked like, we offer a video of our entrance to the show below. In preparation for next year's Emerald City Comic-Con, Reedpop has already announced that the show will expand from the current three days to a four-day show.  The 2016 Emerald City Comic-Con will run from April 7 to April 10, 2016.

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