Gail Simone To Write New Domino Comic

Domino, the mutant with the power to have luck turn her way, will be getting her own title in April, and th her writer is none other than the great Gail Simone!

Domino #1 Cover

Domino #1 Cover

For those not familiar with Domino yet, she is  a mutant mercenary who often ends up working with guys like Cable and Deadpool.  Her first appearance was in New Mutants #98 in 1991, but that appearance was late retconned as Domino being impersonated by the mutant Copycat (also a sometime lover of Deadpool), and her current canon first appearance was in X-Force #8, in 1992.


Domino is also appearing in the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie, and she is played by actress Zazie Beets.


Domino #1 debuts on April 11, 2018, penned by writer Gail Simone (who relaunched a very popular Batgirl series a few years ago), and who has a knack for doing great work with strong female comic characters.  The cover artists for Domino’s first issue is Greg Land and Frank D’Armata.


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