Gal Gadot to Play Wonder Woman: Facts on Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot as Wonder WomanGal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot to Play Wonder Woman: Facts on Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot is the actress chosen to portray Wonder Woman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel (which will also star Henry Cavil as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman). Most of the comics world reacted with surprise at the announcement that Gadot will play the Amazon Princess.  Warner Brothers, the company that owns the entirety of the DC Comics Universe properties, seems to have a knack for surprising (and disappointing) DC comics fans.  The earlier announcement that Affleck would play an older Batman in the upcoming film created so much negative energy among the comics polity, that the "Batfleck" reaction became a popular internet meme.
Gal Gadot-The New Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot-The New Wonder Woman

Anyway, back to Wonder Woman.  While fans have long craved a Wonder Woman film, or at least a film portrayal, the Gadot announcement was a surprise.  Rumors that Thor co-star Jaimie Alexander was interested in the Wonder Woman role got fans excited, as she had the superhero-action chops down, is a dark-haired beauty, and had all the "ahem" physical attributes expected in a Wonder Woman actress.  But she was not chosen.  So who is Gal Gadot?  We have compiled some facts and figures so that the discerning comics/DC/Wonder Woman fan can decide what to think. Gal Gadot Facts:  

--Born April 30, 1985, and is currently (as of the Wonder Woman announcement), 28 years old.

--Gadot is an Israeli citizen, born in Rosh HaAyin, Israel. She is of European Jewish ancestry, and her family arrived in Israel from Austria, Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Poland).

--She is an actress, beauty pageant contestant,  and model.

--Gadot won the Miss Israel title in 2004. She competed in the Miss Universe pageant, but did not place.

--She is a military veteran, having served a mandatory two years in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). She attributes her inclusion in the Fast and Furious movies in part to her familiarity with military weaponry.

--She is married.  Gadot wed her boyfriend, Israeli businessman Yaron Varsano in 2008.  Their daughter, Alma, was born in 2011.

--As a model and spokesperson, Gadot has represented the Castro fashion company, Captain Morgan rum, and Vine Vera skincare products.

--Gadot has been a covergirl for Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Bride Magazine, and FHM

--Gadot took part in auditions for the role of Wonder Woman, beating out several other actresses. On December 4, 2013, DC announced that Gal Gadot would play Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot Filmography:

Fast and Furious (2009)-Played Gisele Harabo

Date Night (2010)-Played Natanya

Knight and Day (2010)-Played Naomi

Fast Five (2011)-- Played Gisele Harabo

Fast and Furious 6 (2013)-- Played Gisele Harabo

The as-yet untitled Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman (Justice League) film is set to hit theaters in 2015. While this writer is unfamiliar with her role as Gisele in the Fast films, the understanding is that she proved that she is a good actress who, by the way, does her own stunts, is clearly athletic, and, aside from her relatively thin frame, has the facial features to look credible as Wonder Woman.  As both Henry Cavil and Ben Affleck have commented on their need to bulk up (or stay bulked, in Cavil's case), we can probably assume that Gal Gadot will look muscular enough by the time filming begins for the upcoming superhero movie. Hollywood has a way of encouraging stars to work at it to look the part.  One would assume that she is making a lot of money in this role. There you go, comics fans.  What do YOU think of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman?  

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