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Superman #10 Cover (2016)

Superman #10-In The Name of the Father-New Release November 2, 2016

The newest Superman #10 features the Man of Steel, his son, and Batman and HIS son hitting your local LCS on November 2, 2016.   Superman #10 Cover (2016) Superman #10-“IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER” part one! For the first time, the Man of Tomorrow and the Boy of Steel team up with the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder in a father-son adventure you won’t want to miss! Damian Wayne has been hearing a lot about this mysterious new Superboy, and now’s his chance to find out who he is…

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Avengers #1 (2016)

Avengers (2016) #1 New Release in Stores Nov. 2, 2016

The latest Avengers comic book title from Marvel Now! hits the shelves of your Local Comic Shop November 2, 2016 AVENGERS (2016) #1 Published: November 02, 2016 Rating: Rated T+ Writer: Mark Waid Cover Artist: Alex Ross The time has come! Their ranks shattered by Civil War, their spirits weighted down by a toll both personal and spiritual, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes must find the resolve to stand united one final time against their greatest foe! Captain America! Thor! The Vision! The Wasp! Spider-Man! Hercules! When the dust settles, not a one of these valiant heroes will make it to the final page alive! This is KANG WAR ONE!   Avengers #1-Marvel Now!