New Ebook on the Silver Age Avengers

The Silver Age Comic Book Reviews and Connections: A New Look at Avengers #1 and #2 [Kindle Edition] is a MUST for Comic Book and Avengers fans! This Kindle E-book is part of a series of short books that looks at the history of the Marvel Comics Universe in the Silver Age of Comics.
This title looks at the first two issues of the Avengers, published in 1963, and features the original Avengers line-up (before the Hulk left, and pre-Captain America). We will look at the story synopsis for each issue, analyze the story, and examine the connections these stories and characters have to other Marvel titles.If you love comics, or just want to learn more about the origins of the Avengers and how they connect to the greater Marvel Universe, then download this book!
Silver Age Reviews and Connections Book 1

Silver Age Reviews and Connections Book 1

 Roger Lee, the author of this ebook, is a life-long fan of Marvel Comics and of the Avengers.  He wrote this book as both a summary and as an analsis of the first two issues of the original Avengers comic book series created by Stan Lee (no relation) and Jack Kirby.  Roger Lee is a staff writer for  and has also written for
This ebook is intended for Kindle users and is the first in a series of planned ebooks on the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men.  Also planned (and in production) are ebooks dealing with the causes of the Death of Wolverine, the loss of Thor's hammer to a new female Thor, and the switch from the old Captain America (Steve Rogers), to the new Captain America (Sam Wilson AKA The Falcon).
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