Powergirl Makes A Fanboy’s Day (whole life, probably)

Powergirl and FanboyPowergirl and Fanboy
Just a random image of Powergirl entering a comic store with a little fanboy who declares that She is with Him!  Funny picture, eh? Now, the question is:  What other DC (or Marvel) female heroes would this image also work with (other than PG that is...)  Comment!
Powergirl and Fanboy

Powergirl and Fanboy

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Roger Lee

Roger Lee is a life-long comic book and sci-fi aficionado. As such, he fell into the habit of writing about the superheroes and sci-fi scenarios that he reads in the comics and books and sees on screen. Since writings on superheroes need to be shared, he has written for web audiences for years. His writings have appeared on www.comicshistoryguy.com, www.comicbookmovie.com, www.bamsmackpow.com, and now in superheroreviews.com.

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