The Red Skull as Trump

The Red Skull is a villain.  That is clear.  In both the comics and in the movies, Johann Schmidt is a follower of Hitler and later a leader in the international terrorist organization known as Hydra. Recently, a clever artist has taken to editing existing images of the Red Skull (and other bad guys), and adding in the literal words and tweets of President Donald Trump.  Following the tragic and hateful events in Virginia on August 12, 2017, we see Trump's words as spoken by a fictional villain with a racist past:  

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Roger Lee

Roger Lee is a life-long comic book and sci-fi aficionado. As such, he fell into the habit of writing about the superheroes and sci-fi scenarios that he reads in the comics and books and sees on screen. Since writings on superheroes need to be shared, he has written for web audiences for years. His writings have appeared on,,, and now in