She-Hulk Says “Sign Up For the Comics Historyguy Newsletter.”

She-Hulk Says Sign Up For The NewsletterShe-Hulk Says Sign Up For The Newsletter
She-Hulk can be very persuasive when she wants. Our green-skinned giantess is imploring you to sign up now for the Comics Historyguy's Newsletter in order to strengthen your comics knowledge. Find and use the Subscribe box toward the top of the right sidebar----------------->-------------------------------->------------------------->------------------------------------->
She-Hulk Says Sign Up For The Newsletter

She-Hulk Says Sign Up For The Newsletter

What is in this newsletter, the perceptive comic book fan may ask? Well, we are just getting this newsletter off the ground, but the idea is that the staff here at will curate, collect, and publish news, links, and reviews related to comic books, superheroes, comic-book related movies and shows, and other related stuff. We will never sell or transfer our email newsletter lists to any third party. The newsletter is free, and you can unsubscribe at any time, though we will be really sad if you do that. 🙁 The news and links that we share are culled from our journeys into mystery around the internet and the main (and the minor) comic book news sources. Of course, some of these links and news items will originate with our own family of websites, but many will not. If we think an article or news post is worth reading, we will pass it on, regardless of whether or not it came from our distinguished competition. In case you were wondering, our lady friend up above, is really named Jennifer Walters, and she gained her green skin and powers through a blood transfusion from her cousin, Dr. Bruce Banner. Yup, that guy! The fellow who, when he gets mad or stressed out, turns into a gigantic green rage monster. Unlike her cousin, She-Hulk is able to control her powers and can go back and forth from petite normal girl to the super-strong She-Hulk. When not saving the world with the Avengers or the Fantastic Four, she is also a noted attorney. Her clients include Charles Xavier, and the X-Men. And she really, really, wants you to sign up for our little newsletter. Thanks!

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