Super Heroes that Should Have Their Own Pokies Game

Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel

Super Heroes that Should Have Their Own Pokies Game

  Super heroes are literally dominating entertainment in the past several years. Ever since Spiderman swung to the top of the box office back in early 2000's the super hero genre burst. We are now seeing new movies being released on a yearly basis. Marvel and DC Comics are having a go each year with the Avengers and Justice League respectively. Each includes a new roster of superheroes that get their own movies. This in itself helped established a new rule in online gambling - superhero themed slots. A great many pokies have been developed that feature:
  • Superman,
  • Batman,
  • Iron Man,
  • Captain America,
  • The Hulk,
  • Wolverine.
 And other trade mark names that have brought millions of players in the search for that sweet, sweet jackpot price. Superhero pokies are not a fad - they are amongst the highest paying progressives on offer. Their design is excellent, they offer a ton of bonuses and mini games that will keep any player (even non fans) entertained and engaged and they are also quite cool on their own. It is very easy to make a list about them since they are considered the crème de la crop of slots. We are however getting a tad bored of the same old same old offerings from Marvel and DC - here's a list of our own fan favorites that we feel can kick some ass as a pokie inspiration - oh and, yes, be prepared for us nerding up the place a little bit.  
  1. Captain Marvel
With a movie slated to release in a few years, Captain Marvel is more than it meets the eye. As the go to female super hero of the Marvel Universe, this isn't just the Marvel name slapped to a generic super hero. She's part of the Avengers and a very powerful individual with cosmic powers - also a captain of a space ship and a person with incredible strength and prowess.
Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Why should she get a super hero themed slot? Because we have too few slots with female characters that are represented fairly. Most are either over sexualized or inferior to their male counter parts. Captain Marvel is a real heroine which can own the game - from the start to the finish, and a video slot with her as the titular character is sure to turn heads.  
  1. The Flash / Quicksilver
Barry Allan or fastest man alive (yes, Quicksilver may have something to say about that) is one of the founding members of the Justice League and a superhero that is all about speed.


He is perfect for a new brand of slots - one that contains plethora of mini games that require speed to complete. See, The Flash is all about running fast, so fast in fact that he can go back in time and mess up the future (it happens, you know). Thanks to his amazing speed, the slot can utilize time mechanics and other interesting ideas to make the Flash sweat some more for that jackpot.  
  1. Guardians of the Galaxy
The smash hit by Marvel from last year was one of the best things that do not cater to the rule "well known is enough to be good". Thanks to the excellent directing and story structure set by director James Gunn and the performances by Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and the rest of the Guardians, we got an obscure team of misfits that are the ultimate super heroes in a galaxy, far far away. The premise of a slot bearing the name Guardians of the Galaxy holds so much potential - from different galaxies, villains to several different characters that can be in the leading role.  
Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom

  1. Dr Doom
We are going in a different direction with the favorite villain in the world of Fantastic Four, X-men and the Marvel universe in general for a good reason. Basically, in his own right, Dr Doom (despite his ominous name) is considered the good guy. What is cool about him is his vision for humanity - he believes that the only way for humanity to actually survive the constant onslaught of space invaders and alien monstrosities is to unite under his banner. A Doom-themed slot would be so badass thanks to the origin of Dr Doom and his trade mark look and sheer ruthlessness, not to mention the amount of doombots and the opportunity to face off against some familiar names such as the Fantastic 4.  
  1. Super Mario
Another different choice but with a good reason - the most famous video game plumber is a super hero in his own right. Nintendo is already keen on joining the mobile market, so the opportunity to create a video slot is there. We don't need to sell you a slot that involves Super Mario, do we? He's only the most famous video game character of all time, with  hundreds of titles and millions of sold copies - not to mention he is instantly recognizable thanks to his voice and persona.

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