So, Superman and Batman Walk Into a Coffeeshop…

So, Superman and Batman Walk Into a Coffeeshop...

An Analysis of the Superman/Batman coffee shop meme. Or, why doesn't Batman drink coffee, while Superman does enjoy a cup of coffee?

Superman and Batman in a coffeeshop

Superman and Batman in a coffeeshop

This cartoon image of Superman and Batman in a coffee shop, in which Superman is holding a cup of coffee and asking Batman "How can you start the day without coffee?" holds several interesting points. [xyz-ihs snippet="imageandtextbanner"] One, Batman responds to the question by saying, "I'm Batman," which actually is a pretty good answer. Batman's entire life is dedicated to protecting the innocent and punishing evil. As the Caped Crusader, it makes perfect sense that he would not allow himself to become addicted to anything that could interfere with his duty, with his calling. Batman needs to avoid any mood-altering or physically addictive drugs (caffeine IS a drug by the way), so that he is always at his razer-sharp best. Thus, no coffee. But what about Superman? As a super-powered Kryptonian who is invulnerable to basically everything of this Earth, he is immune to all Earth-originating drugs, including caffeine. Thus, he cannot get that "morning jolt" of Java that you or I would get from a cup of joe. However, he is not immune to forming habits of routine. Superman/Clark Kent, was raised by human parents and has a normal job (unlike Bruce Wayne). Nearly every movie or TV depiction of a newspaper office shows the reporters and staff consuming lots of coffee. Clark Kent would go to great lengths to fit in and appear normal among his co-workers. Clark Kent would likely start his day with a cup of coffee. Maybe he likes the taste. Maybe he is as as vulnerable to falling into habit as the rest of us. That possibility is actually quite comforting.

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