Tap Dat: Thor vs. Thor

Thor vs Thor-Tap DatThor vs Thor-Tap Dat
Thor vs Thor-Tap Dat

Thor vs Thor-Tap Dat

Here is a little piece of the drama between the new female Thor (whose real identity is still unknown through Thor #5 (2015), but here is a great piece of interaction between old, male, and hammerless Thor and the new, female, hammer-holding Thor.  This panel is from Thor #4, where the two Thors meet and, err, let us say, they end up having a disagreement over who should wield the enchanted Uru hammer named Mjolnir.  Note the weapon that Thor DOES possess in this comic.  This huge battleaxe is named  Jarnbjorn, (yes, the Asgardians tend to name their weapons).  This is the weapon that, in Marvel Comics continuity, Thor used in the good old days before he came to possess Mjolnir. The artwork, by the way, in these first four issues of the new Thor comic book series featuring the new female Thor, is by Marvel artist Russell Dauterman.  Check out Dauterman's website if you want to see a collection of his work.  Dauterman's work on the Thor series, and the way he drew the new Thor is nearly flawless.  Note that she is NOT shown as some super-bosomy, half-naked bimbo, but is wearing a functional outfit that has the "Thor feel" without directly mimicing the usual Thor attire. Jharnbjorn, also referred to as "The Wrecker of Worlds," made its first appearance in Thor: God of Thunder #1 (December, 2012)

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