Villains in the Batman: Eternal Series

Batman: Eternal #3 CoverBatman: Eternal #3 Cover

Villains in the Batman: Eternal Series

Batman: Eternal #3 Cover

Batman: Eternal #3 Cover

In the New 52, DC Comics has continued using tried and true villains such as The Penguin and Carmine Falcone.  In other instances, DC has created new villains, such as Dollmaker and the Imperceptible Man.  Here you can find information on the villains that appear in the popular new Batman: Eternal series that began publication in April, 2014. NOTE:  If you have not read through Batman: Eternal #3 yet, some of these appearances may be spoilers...You were warned!  [xyz-ihs snippet="TextLinkHorizontal"] Professor Pyg (Lazlo Valentin)

First appearance: Batman #666 (July 2007)

First New 52 Appearance: Batman #1(2011)

Firefly-There have been two known Firefly characters: Garfield Lynns and Ted Carson. The Firefly in the New 52 Continuity appears to be the second Firefly, Ted Carson

Firefly 1: Garfield Lynns

First appearance: Detective Comics #184 (June 1952)

Firefly 2: Ted Carson

First appearance: Batman #126 (1959)

First New 52 Appearance: Nightwing Annual #1 (October, 2013)

Lockup- Lock-Up (Lyle Bolton) is a DC Comics supervillain and an enemy of Batman. He first appeared in one episode Batman: The Animated Series and was incorporated into DC's mainstream continuity Robin #24 (January 1996). His compulsion/motif is to lock up criminals and his conflicts with Batman, Robin, and Nightwing are usually when they attempt to save his victims from torture and death.

First Appearance: Batman: The Animated Series episode "Lock-Up" (First Aired on Television: Nov. 19, 1994)

First Comic Book appearance: Robin #24 (January, 1996)

First New 52 Appearance: Batman Eternal #3 (April, 2014)

Signalman- The Signalman (Phillip "Phil" Cobb) was a criminal who came to Gotham with plans to make it big in the Crime world.  As a nobody, all the other crooks laughed at him when he tried to form a gang. He decided to become a costumed supervillain after realizing that society was governed by signals and symbols, and so he became the Signalman, using signs and symbols as his motif.  

First appearance: Batman #112 (December, 1957)

First New 52 Appearance: Justice League of America #3 (January, 2012)

Cluemaster (Arthur Brown)-Arthur Brown is a failed television game show host, who, when he turned to a life of crime, felt the compulsion to leave behind clues to his crimes, He is also the father of Stephanie Brown (who, in order to stop her criminal father, becomes the hero Spoiler. She later briefly served as one of the Robins, later becoming the third Batgirl).

First appearance: Detective Comics #351 (May 1966)

First New 52 Appearance: Batman Eternal #3 (April, 2014)

  Penguin-Oswald Cobblepot, who has a similar appearance to a particular short, fat, and waddling Antarctic bird, took the codename Penguin as his moniker as a criminal in Gotham City.  One of Batman's oldest and most intractable foes, the Penguin is one of the more durable and ruthless crime lords in Gotham.  Unlike many other Bat-Foes, the Penguin is not insane.  He is simply a criminal out to make a buck and accumulate power in Gotham's criminal underground.  He is a mortal enemy of Carmine Falcone, another of Gotham's crime czars. [xyz-ihs snippet="whitetexthalfbannerforcontent"]

First Appearance: Detective Comics #58 (December 1941)

Among Penguin's henchmen: Imperceptible Man- First Appearance: Detective Comics #6 (April, 2012)   Mr. Mosaic

First Appearance: Detective Comics #5 (March, 2012)


First Appearance: Detective Comics #6 (April, 2012)

  Mr. Combustible

First Appearance: Detective Comics #6 (April, 2012)

  Carmine Falcone- Carmine Falcone is a mafia crime boss in Gotham City.  As such, he is a significant foe of Batman and other costumed crime fighters in Gotham.  He is frequently the villain in the background; he devises plots and conspiracies to increase his power in the city and to weaken or defeat Batman.  

First Appearance: Batman #404 (1987)

First New 52 Appearance: Batman Eternal #2 (April, 2014)

The Return of Carmine Falcone in Batman: Eternal

The Return of Carmine Falcone in Batman: Eternal


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